About Us


Since our mining remain tough…. The shaping up of the BMGS Alumni Association was initiated by some of our alumni, named as Dr. Madhuparna Banerjee (1976 Old HS), Sutapa Saha (1977 MP), Sumita Halder (1984 MP), Meenakshi Bhattacharya (1985 MP), Ronita Pal (1985 MP), Sudeshna Maitra Nag (1989 MP), Angana Chatterjee (1990 MP), and that idea was supported by present Teacher in Charge Ms. DEBJANI DAS, along with members of Managing Committee of BMGS. Since its inception on 20th JULY 2013, through a general body meeting, BMGSAA has made great progress in a very small span of few months. The association has organised two general body meetings to convey its mission & vision and nominating its Executive Committee members, got the affiliation from the school authority, applied for registration, opened a bank account, started a group-page in the most popular Social Network site, Facebook under name & style ‘BMGS Alumni Association2013’. BMGS’s entire alumnae are an energetic group of women who want to continue to play an imperative role in the present and future development of the School through their unending support in all possible way. Alumnae want to strengthen the School's Golden Jubilee programs through support of the inheritance, gifts to the annual campaign and support of capital projects throughout the celebration year. They are a successful group of women who maintain a variety of careers and continue to give back to their own population and families. BMGS Alumni Association aims at uniting all the ex-BMGS-ian and enables them to relive the moments of their wonderful and joyous years in school. In the past few months, the members of BMGSAA have been meeting quite often for discussing various issues of the school's interest especially about Golden Jubilee celebration of the school. The BMGS Alumni Association , is the official alumni association of BMGSchool, Kolkata. The Association presently has over 500 members, spanning across all batches that have passed out of the school since 1968. The alumnae stay connected via Facebook, and utilise their online community for networking purposes or to find "BMGS-ians" who are staying either abroad or outside West Bengal.. Through their on campus coming events, alumnae gather to catch up with friends, hear about students today and share insights on many topics of interest to present students. Being BMGS alumnae, we look at education differently. For us, education does not lie in the accumulation of information. But it lies in the quality of knowledge that helps to form the character of students as Competent, Committed and Compassionate Women. We believe in the aforesaid philosophy. This is our passion. And this is the core of our school’s educational value. One day, this is what might enable the BMGS-ians to climb to the top in the league of schools in West Bengal.