Our School

Our School, Our journey, Our Alumni Pride An Interlinking of Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls’ School & BMGS Alumni Association

Our school, Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls' School, our beloved BMGS, has been imparting quality education for last 50 years. We should remember that the quality of education provided by our prestigious school has been appreciated not only among the people associated with it in the adjacent locality, but also in the various corners of entire Kolkata.

Our school, BMGS, had its humble beginning in 1965 with few students and fewer teachers like Rama Gupta(First Head Mistress), Anima Mukherjee (Second Head Mistress), Mahamaya Sen (Teacher of Bengali Language & Third Head Mistress), Sumita Mukherjee (Physical Science Teacher). In course of time, we got Gopa Mitra (Teacher of English Language), Sutapa Roychoudhury (Teacher of Bengali Language), Mira Gupta (Teacher of Biology), Amita Dutta (Teacher of Physics), Sujata Sarkar (Teacher of Chemistry), Jharna Talukdar (Teacher of Geography), Tutu Sarkar (Teacher of Mathematics) Malabika Mitra (Teacher of English Language), Sudha Shanti Ghosh (Teacher of English Language), Arati Ghosh Dastidar (Teacher of Mathematics), Bharati Saha (Teacher of History) and others. After a long gap, Jharna Majumdar (Teacher of English Language & Fourth Head Mistress), Jhatika Majumdar (Teacher of Physics), Ranu Chakarborty (Teacher of Chemistry) and other young faculties came to join with us.

Since then, it has been in a process of becoming one of the reputed and the most sought after schools in Kolkata. Thousands of students have been getting benefited from the selfless service of this school. They have been developed to be beacons of light in the fields of education, engineering, medicine, news & media, politics, civil service, administration, business, social service, sports, industry, and what not…They have been able to distinguish themselves to be the true ambassadors of the virtues taught in the school. The path and journey of Our School for last 50 years was very challenging. During our school days, we, the Alumni, were never economically burned by Our School. As a result, the infrastructural progress of Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls’ School has been bare minimum. Today when we, the BMGS-ians, are on the verge of our school's Golden Jubilee Celebrations, we hope our school to continue with its 50 year long tradition as one of the most prestigious institutions in the city imparting the best education system with student strength of more than 1800 students, pursuing their studies here.

Coming Golden Jubilee Year 2014-15, and the planning going on behind its celebration have developed a sense of ‘Belongingness’ towards their Alma Mater among the Alumni. So as alumni, to show our gratitude, this year, we have felt a sheer necessity to form this "BMGS Alumni Association" to take a lead in organising the Golden Jubilee celebration. It is an occasion for the Alumni to cherish the sweet memories of Our School. To achieve greater heights in academics and the other areas, Our School needs better and greater facilities. We, the alumni, think it is our bounded duty TO JOIN HANDS and CONTRIBUTE OUR MIGHT for the realisation of this goal.

WE feel immensely proud to be the ALUMNI of Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls’ School. Our School has given us everything. Our Intellectual, Ethical, Spiritual, Social, Physical and Cultural Growth have been the contribution of Our School. We have proved our worth as citizens of our noble country and could be able to achieve whatever little a name, fame, respect, status, prosperity, virtues, etc. that is all because of Our School. As Alumni of BMGS, we should be grateful to our school, for making us, what we are today. It is a feeling of Joy, Pride, Satisfaction, Achievement and Contentment that is experienced by every one of us. Fortunate and blessed we are to be the Alumni of Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls’ School.


The school has selflessly contributed to our intellectual and social progress, and in turn, we, the Alumni, have voluntarily come forward to work generously for the school.
Let's make "Our School" to shine brighter.
Let's experience the pleasure and satisfaction of giving back to "Our School".
Let's join hands with "Our School".
Let’s be a part of the progress of "Our School".

We will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee through the whole year from the month of January 2014 to 18th January 2015 with various activities.

All the Alumni of BMGS' are hereby earnestly requested TO ATTEND & CONTRIBUTE IN ANY FORM either in CASH (any amount) or in KIND (in form of voluntary service) to the Golden Jubilee Celebration Activities & Functions and share the eminent joy with us.