President's Speak

Dr. Madhuparna Banerjee
Senior Scientist & Associate Professor

“Even a journey of hundred miles begins with the first step”

The 20th July, 2013....a new beginning, the auspicious birthday of BMGS Alumni Association.

Being chosen as the President of the BMGS Alumni Association I feel honored to serve my alma mater where I have started my journey as an ordinary student. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers by whom I had been impregnated with the seed of self confidence. I remember the praise by Sudhadi when I was asked to write a word on the board and wrote “Endeavour” in class VII. I remember superfluous praise of our Bordi, Mrs. Anima Mukhopadhyay after finishing last lap of inter house relay race first, during annual sports in 1974. Everything cannot be compensated; still it is of great pleasure that we, the Alma mates of 1968 to 2012 have started our journey together to serve our school, our mates. I am privileged to have a vibrant committee with Aditidi, Sutapa, Nandini, Sumita, Chitrita, Meenakshi, Ronita, Angana, Sudeshna, Sukla, Pracheta, Jona and Soumi. I appreciate the efforts given by Arpita and Parna to create the web page of our association which will facilitate new ways for our alumnus to connect lifelong and worldwide. We apologize in advance for any undesired mistake. We are overwhelmed by the positive gesture of the present school management in affiliating us with our beloved school. We thank all who are directly or indirectly involved with their best wishes. We welcome your ideas regarding future activities of the association. Fortunately, the Golden Jubilee year of the school is knocking at the door; let us participate it together with the present teachers and students in a very memorable way.