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Mrs. Hena Siddhanta

Bagbazar Multipurpose Girls' School
Govt. Sponsored

Alumni The Path- Finder

Alumniof Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls' high school (Govt. Sponsored) is the flagship of this renowne Institute situated at the northern fringes of Kolkata imparting quality education from pro-independence era.

Each bubble of ocean reflects the sun likewise each member of Alumni emanates the fragrance of education cultivated in this Institute since their childhood.

Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls' high school need not require media help of propaganda because the luster of the Alumni is perceived from every nook and corner of the world.

The foot prints of excellence in different fields created by our Alumni in various parts of our Country and outside the country will glow like everlasting Sun and will enthuse the next generation of students to rise to the height of Himalayan Mountain in Excellency in the fields of education, Sports ,Cultural Arena, Management and Entrepreneurship in near future.

Even we do hope that guidance from time to time by our Alumni will direct this Institution in such a way so that in near future the Baghbazar Multipurpose Girls' high school may emerge as entre of excellence.

The periphery of our expectations from the Alumni is very high as we have stepped into building a developmental fund for the School for advancing our laboratory facilities, Indore games, outdoor games and many extracurricular activities.

A massage from the headmistress